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معدات صناعة الأفلام


  • Canon Lens 24-70mm
  • Canon Lens 70-200mm
  • Samyang Lens 2.2-16mm
  • Samyang Lens 1.5-35mm
  • Samyang Lens 1.5–24mm

معدات الصوت

  • Sennheiser neck mic
  • Zoom Recorder
  • 525 Sound Devices (Five channel portable production mixer with integrated recorder + Cables)
  • Boom pole (RODE)
  • K-Tek/ PSC Boom pole w/carbon fiber tubing
  • Rode boom mic
  • Sennheiser boom mic
  • Rycote, Cyclone

معدات التصوير

  • Canon C300 Mark II
  • SWIT Monitor
  • Shape Canon Rig with shoulder pad and back pad
  • Sachtler Tripod FSB 6 fluid head with carry case
  • Chrosziel Focus puller
  • MOVCAM Mattebox kit 14mm with Carbon fiber housing
  • Tiffen filter: Clear /ND6 SOFT HOR
  • Century recoil V2 Filters 4X4 5 Filter Kit(ND6 SOLID, BLACK FROST ½, SKINTONE ENHANCER, ND6 SOFT EDGE, POLARIZER)

نموذج طلب استخدام معدات صناعة الأفلام