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Filmlab Palestine is seeking to recruit a Project Coordinator – a full-time job to join its team in Ramallah.

The winning film of Sunbird Stories Award
"Ornina & The Ghoula”.
Established in 2014, Filmlab Palestine has set the goal of promoting and reviving cinema culture in Palestine, keeping in mind its vision of a professional, creat
“Kaf Adas” is fully completed
Palestine Sunbird Production Award Winner 2018
Launched by FilmLab Palestine and Garage Stories, “My VR Story” was created to combine VR technology with their stories, and give audience the chance to truly be part of the narrative.
In total the project will accept up to 8 teams (teams can be made of 2 to 4 people each).
You can apply as a team, or as an individual. If you apply as an individual we'll help you find other suitable team mates.
FilmLab: Palestine is thrilled to announce that the 7th edition of Palestine Cinema Days Film Festival will take place from the 20th October through 26th October 2020.
We are pleased to announce the official selection of the 1st edition of the Sunbird Stories program – a Cinephilia Productions and Filmlab Palestine initiative.
We are proud to release the third group of “Reflections from Palestine during Covid-19” short films series.
This 1st edition of Sunbird Stories is aimed at Palestinian filmmakers living in Palestine and/or in the diaspora.