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"From one progress to another. You gave me life. Thank you." Ahmad Al Kilani


About Children's Cinema 

  • “Entertaining, interesting, relevant. the kids loved the movies and danced to their music." Pal-International Academy.
  • "Our experience with filmlab was such a great and memorable one, we were invited  to watch a couple of short animation movies, the children loved watching and dancing at filmlab, they also enjoyed the tour by Hadil where they saw all the computers and equipment to make movies, they kept asking to go back to filmlab for a long time after our visit, thank you FilmLab!" Kenzi Early Learnning Center.


About Filmlab's Cinematography Workshop

"I am glad to report of the Great Level of Enthusiasm shown by 16 participant students. Proof of it not only of their questioning minds during class but also their high level of attendance and punctuality until the last day of the seminar. Enthusiasm that in my humble opinion, should it be continue to be nourished, it would harvest up great benefits and results." Germano Saracco, cinematographer.         


About Filmlab's Script Writing Workshop

"The script writing teacher taught me great things about myself; most important of all was to be honest about my emotions. If you don't go through the process of understanding your emotions, you will never be able to communicate any other person's feelings, therefore it is imperative to give in to your emotions to write a good story. I am using the skills I learnt from the FilmLab workshop at my new job especially in the publications I do, and it has proven to be very helpful, as I get positive feedback from the people who read them." Rasha Sansour,  participant.


About Participating in a film festival 

"Filmlab: Palestine is helping me to expand my professional network wider as a film student. I was very happy to be a part of Filmlab collaboration with CPH:DOX Film festival. It gave me a chance to view extensive selection of documentary films all over the world and established new partnership. I Would recommend Filmlab to people who need to develop their experience! Thank You!" Christina Zahran, aspiring filmmaker. 


About participating in an upcoming residency in Berlin 

"I am really looking forward for this residency provided by Filmlab. On a personal level I think having three months dedicated for writing is very valuable. The way our industry is designed it never allows you to give your project its full capacity, you always find yourself multitasking and juggling jobs to survive. Its also great for the project to get exposed at this stage in a safe environment that respects the writing process. It couldn't have come at a better time, and I hope to make the best out of it." Rama Mari, Palestinian filmmaker


About interning at Filmlab

"During my time at Filmlab, I had the opportunity to get an insight into a complete different world of cinema and culture, which was truly amazing." Simon Schwarz, intern.


About Filmlab's Production Support

  • "My experience with Filmlab was satisfying for I used the camera equipment for couple of days last year to produce my short film. The camera was useful and handy to have with the lens kits that served the purpose. I would use Filmlab in the future if needed." Buthina Khouri, Palestinian filmmaker. 
  • "Using Filmlab's equipment support I was able to shoot my last short film Madam El with state-of the-art camera and sound equipment. Filmlab's equipment support team worked closely with me to help me secure everything I needed to be prepared for my production." Laila Abbas, Palestinian filmmaker.


About working at Days of Cinema

"Working at Filmlab: Palestine was one of the best yet difficult experiences of my life, I enjoyed every minute of it especially that I learned so much about Festivals, the work after a film is done, and how to work with dozens of people at the same time in different locations, I am so thankful for them to welcome me every year." Quds Manassra, project coordinator.


About Filmlab's Empowering Storytelling Workshop

"Empowering Storytelling Workshop was a great turn in my filmmaking life, for the first time I was able to produce a full balanced story from both perspectives, Palestinian and Danish (international). Matilda (my danish partner) and me had long discussions, went to many places and met many people, we tried our best to stick to what we learned during the first week and we did it! We produced a film which sparked controversy when it was screened in Denmark." Elia Ghorbiah, producer.


About giving a training at Filmlab

"I held a three day “train the trainer workshop”, the participant should learn how to make children and young adults make their own short films on iPads. It was a pleasure to work with a talented and dedicated crew from Filmlab: Palestine. The Filmlab itself is professional and well organized, so everything around the workshop went smooth and easy." Kasper B. Olesen, co-founder of Lommefilm - Denmark.