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Launched by FilmLab Palestine and Garage Stories, “My VR Story” was created to combines VR technology with our stories, and give audience the chance to truly be part of the narrative.

In total the project will accept up to 8 teams (teams can be made of 2 to 4 people each).

You can apply as a team, or as an individual. If you apply as an individual we'll help you find other suitable team mates.


 - Applicant can apply individuals or as team

- Applicant must be from Palestine (residing in Palestine)

 - Applicants must be filmmaker or any related field graduate or has a proven professional background in filmmaking.

 - Must be able to commit and attend all the program sessions and activities

- Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply

- Must agree to mention in the credit of the completed film “Developed in cooperation with Garage Stories and FilmLab Palestine

- Must complete the application form online by the specified deadline. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Deadline to apply is 8th of November 8th.