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The winning film of Palestine Sunbird Production Award “Palestine 87”


Filming of the Palestine Sunbird Production Award Winner
“Palestine 87” was wrapped.

The production of the short film “Palestine 87” by Bilal Al khatib was wrapped in Ramallah.

The film previously won the Palestine Sunbird Production Award at the Palestine Cinema Days in 2019.

The story takes place during the 1987 Intifada, about Atef, who’s while being pursued by the IDF, finds himself trapped in some lady’s yard, who decides to hide him in the bathroom with one of the daughters in an attempt to save him from arrest.

Starring: Shibli Albo , Maya Omaia Keesh,  Haitham Al Omari and Esperanza Abed Hseen and Akram Mansour Also Participated  Chris Balata , Abdallah Motan, Aram Sabah , Motasem Abul Hassan and Shadi Abed. 

The film has mainly a Palestinian crew.

Supported by the Palestinian Ministry of Culture.

Director of photography - Mashal Qawasmi.
Gaffer - Diaa Joubeh.
Production manager -  Salim Abu Jabal.
Set Designer, Bashar Alhroub.
Costume Designer - Hamada Atallah and Wafa Hassan.
Makeup and Décor - Noor Abu Hashhash.
Assistant Director - Rima Issa.
Sound - Essam Rishmawi.
Camera Assistant - Yusef Hammad.
Production staff - Ibrahem AL khatib , Majd Arrouri and Soufi Jadallah.
Script Supervisor - Aram Sabah.
Digital photography - Chris Balat.
Lighting Assistant - Abdallah Motan.
Director Bilal Al khatib.

The film is now in Post-Production.
We hope that “Palestine 87” will take part in the 8th edition of Palestine Cinema Days 2021.