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Filmlab: Palestine signs a partnership agreement with TorinoFilmLab

Filmlab: Palestine and TorinoFilmLab has signed an agrement to create the FLP-TFL prize for Palestinian producers to participate in the 10th and 11th editions of the TFL Meeting Event, which will take place in Turin in November of 2017 and 2018. 

The Palestinian producer will participate as a decision-maker during the event, and will have the chance to attend the pitches of all the projects that have been developed in TorinoFilmLab during the year, and book individual meetings with the ones the producer is interested in. The producer will receive the projects' catalogue before the event in order to book one-to-one meetings in advance. 

This partnership meets with Filmlab: Palestin'e vision of having a productive and dynamic film industry by empowering filmmakers through its various programs and partnerships. 

The TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event takes place every year in parallel with the Torino Film Festival: this year’s edition marks the 10th anniversary of the Meeting Event! It will happen on 24-26 November at Scuola Holden, while the 35th Torino Film Festival will take place on 24 November-4 December 2017.

It is the annual showcase of the projects, talents and films developed at TorinoFilmLab, featuring a global co-production forum for independent original or adapted feature films (with a focus on emerging directors), a presentation of the professionals trained within the scheme. Last but not least, it is a moment to reward the best projects with awards & production grants.

Call for participation will be announced soon.