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Filmlab: Palestine Launches Industry Platform at Days of Cinema

Ramallah-based Filmlab:Palestine will launch Palestine Film Meetings (PFM), a cutting-edge industry networking platform for local and international film professionals, during Days of Cinema in October.

Days of Cinema is dedicated to the celebration of world cinema and deepening the appreciation of film culture in Palestine. PFM will provide local filmmakers the opportunity to network and discuss their projects and career goals with top industry professionals attending Days of Cinema. It will also be an opportunity for international film producers, festival programmers, and distributors to meet with Palestinian filmmakers and talents.

“Due to the financial and political situation in Palestine, travel is not all the time feasible or easy for young Palestinian filmmakers. Palestine Film Meetings will be an important and unique meeting place for the Palestinian and international film community to meet, discuss and develop ideas,” comments Muayad Alayan, Days of Cinema Head of Industry.

PFM will focus on low-budget filmmaking given the lack of funding opportunities in the region. Financing and possible co-production with other Arab countries and Europe will be key points.

“We are determined to continue our success story to firmly establish Days of Cinema as Palestine’s most important cinematic event. Palestine Film Meetings will encourage young local filmmakers to tackle their projects,” adds Hanna Atallah, Days of Cinema Artistic Director.

Film professionals and film students can apply for Industry Accreditation to participate in PFM on from September 7 until October 1, 2017. 

The fourth edition of Days of Cinema will take place from October 17-23, 2017.

Palestine Film Meetings will be held from October 19-21, 2017.