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Ramallah Doc 2023

Ramallah Doc 2023 partners invite Palestinian documentary film regardless of their place of residence, especially those interested in enhancing their cinematic activity, to apply to participate in the activities of the next edition of Ramallah Doc. This will be concluded with a final pitching session that will take place during the tenth edition of the “Palestine Cinema Days Festival” in Ramallah in October 2023, where participants will have the chance to present and pitch their projects before a group of commissioned documentary film producers, editors, and practitioners.

Ramallah Doc supports the realization of new documentary film projects that present a different or more authentic perspective of the Palestinian reality, away from the stereotypical images that the world keeps “consuming” or anticipating. It will pursue to tackle the various challenges facing cultural action in general, especially in light of the limited production resources and structures, and in the shadow of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, which had serious ramifications on all life aspects, and had affected modes of production and dissemination . In this edition, Ramallah Doc seeks to:

  1. Encourage the younger generations to engage in this cinematic practice;
  2. Promote experimentation in documentary film making;
  3. Develop new and creative production and circulation mechanisms away from the dominant production structures and display platforms;
  4. Stimulate collective action and building partnerships, cooperation, and solidarity between participants in the production process;
  5. Provide learning and capacity building opportunities for documentary filmmakers, especially the younger ones, to enable them to acquire new tools and skills.


Learning and Capacity Building:

A number of selected applicants will be invited to participate in the Ramallah Doc Forum, where a series of meetings, workshops, and trainings will be held to enable them to acquire new skills and knowledge. This will help them develop their documentary projects, increase production opportunities, and deepen their involvement in the field of documentary film production.

Projects can be submitted at any stage of production.

For any questions, please email: [email protected]


Apply Now

The application deadline is November 17, 2022.



Ramallah Doc, a project based on partnership, cooperation, and exchange of knowledge and experiences, aims to support Palestinian filmmakers (especially the younger ones) and the Palestinian documentary film industry in general. This is done by giving the opportunity to develop, present, and pitch new documentary projects to a group of commissioned producers and editors and facilitate the filmmakers’ participation in relevant events and platforms whenever possible.


Organizing partners:

A.M. Qattan Foundation, Filmlab Palestine, Goethe-Institut Ramallah and The Consulate General of France in Jerusalem.