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Filmlab: Palestine in 2016

Filmlab: Palestine in 2016 


Film Lab makes suitable space, production equipment, and post-production facilities available and equitably accessible for filmmakers in Palestine.



The FilmLab develops filmmaking capacities by connecting international professional support and providing long-term education  programs to Palestinian filmmakers, in addition to facilitating international co-production opportunities.  Knowledge-exchange.

Acting Workshop 

This workshop aimed for enhancing youth skills in order to create a generation that has its own artistic and cultural tools in order to be able to participate in cinema and tv. The workshop also focused on building a character that an actor/actress aims to be through the artistic practical training. This workshop was instructed by the Palestinian Actor, Eyad Hourani.  

Director of Photography Workshop


Filmlab: Palestine, in partnership with A.M Qattan Foundation, organized a D.O.P Workshop. The workshop targeted cinematographers who had a good experience, and who wanted to sharpen their skills and deepen their experiences. It included both theoretical and practical knowledge. The workshop was instructed by the director of photography Germano Saracco.  

Producers Workshop


Filmlab: Palestine, in partnership with Ramallah Doc, implemented a specialized workshop in Film Production, and was instructed by the producer Marc Baschet. The workshop aimed for familiarizing participants with the role of film producer, various stages of production, in addition to explaining what a producer is and the role he/she plays during film production, from writing the script until the film distribution. The workshop also addressed the distribution process, and the relation between the producer and the distributor.

Empowering Storytellers 

Empowering Storytellers was a film production camp for 6 directors, and 6 producers from Denmark and Palestine. The purpose of the camp was to create possibilities for Danish and Palestinian filmmakers to develop cooperation and Palestinian stories. 
Script Writing for short fiction Workshop 


The workshop was instructed by the Palestinian director and script writer Suha Arraf, it  aimed for introducing the basics of script writing, how to choose and develop ideas to a scenario, how to build and develop the film characters, and how to employ the time and place and turn all this into a dialogue. One project/ scenario was selected after a pitching session to be produced. 

Residency Program

 Filmlab: Palestine has partnered with the Medienboard to offer a 3-month residency in Berlin that will enable one Palestinian filmmaker to live, work, and network with international producers and filmmakers. 

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"إنتاج فيلم "الكرسي 

Production of  "The Chair" 
After the Script Writing Workshop, the participants pitched their scenarios in front of a Jury in order to choose a scenario for production, the scenario of " The Chair" by Rasha Sansour was chosen. 
International Events 
Filmlab: Palestine provided a chance for 4 female filmmakers to participate in Sheffield Doc Fest in the United Kingdom.

(1) Filmlab: Palestine participated in Naas Network Meetings during Carthage Film Festival November 2016


(2) Filmlab: Palestine Provided the chance for two Palestinian filmmakers to be part of Sarajevo Film Festival - August 2016


(3) Filmlab: Palestine Participated in Berlinale Film Festival- Berlin in order to create networking opportunities and discuss possible future cooperation- February 2016

Enhancing Capacities for promotional video production for cultural centers
The workshop aimed for providing professional support and capacity building for workers/ volunteers in cultural organizations to better promote their organizations cultural events, projects, and activities through the production of short promotional videos. 
Cinema Culture 

The FilmLab builds a viable culture of cinema-going and critical viewership by organizing the annual Days of Cinema, regular public film screenings and cinema-centric debates, and hosting a variety of programs to promote production and viewership among children.
Days Of Cinema 3

15-21 - October 

Days of Cinema events were organized during the period of 15-21 October 2016 in Ramallah, Jerusalem, Jenin , Bethlehem, And Gaza. This year more than 83 local, regional and international films were screened of features, documentaries, shorts, and kids film. 

Furthermore, workshop and panels were organized on the sidelines of the screenings, these workshops that were open for public from all ages, in order to exchange knowledge and learn about the cinema industry. 

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مشروع احياء الثقافة السينمائية بالتعاون مع البيت الدنماركي في فلسطين 

Reviving Cinema Culture program In cooperation with the Danish House in Palestine

Regular Film screening in Nablus, Jenin, Hebron, And Bethlehem, also targeting the marganialized areas, in order to revive the cinema culture through film screenings for all age groups followed by a discussion about the films. 



The FilmLab supports production by cultivating a strong network of filmmakers in Palestine, and providing competitive opportunities for seed-funding and coaching for filmmakers to produce film art.

Within this context , Filmlab: Palestine is currently building  a specialized data base for workers in the Cinema Field in order to make it accessible for producers, directors, researchers, and academics. The Data base will allow filmmakers to get to know each other furthermore it eases the process of production in  terms of searching for workers in filmmaking  
Filmlab: Palestine starts the production of "The Chair"which is a result of Script writing workshkop written by : Rasha Sansour, Directed by Laila Abbas 

Under the Production Grant Filmlab: Palestine provided the following directors with equipment 

Laila Abbas  for her film Madame Eil 

Buthayna Khoury for her film Green Almonds

Serine Hussni for her film To See Jenin