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Palestine Cinema Days

Palestine Cinema Days is an annual event organized by Filmlab every October, and aims at placing Palestine on the map of the International film industry and movie landscape, in addition to promoting local and international films across several venues in different cities within Palestine. 

The first edition of Palestine Cinema Days (previously called Days of Cinema) was launced in 2014, and has been an annual tradition since then. The activities of the festival are dedicated to a unique program of renowned international film screenings for adults and children, along with panel discussions, professional film workshops, specialized programs for children, and networking opportunities. 

In 2016, Filmlab has launched the Sunbird Award, a competition for short films, feature-length documentary films, and short film projects with a strong reference to Palestine. You can learn more about the Sunbird Award here

In the past years, Palestine Cinema Days succeeded in becoming a focal point for the international film scene, increasing the interest in cooperation with Palestinian filmmakers and support to develop the local film industry. This path has to continue and be reinforced to turn Palestine Cinema Days into a regular international film festival, and book its place in the annual international schedule since official film festivals have many benefits for the country that hosts them. Besides promoting tourism and local merchants benefits, a festival pushes the boundaries of the youth’s daily life and offers them new horizons.

Palestine Cinema Days is an event offering participants, partners, and professionals to present their products, experiences and offers networking options for future development. Days of Cinema works strategically to support the local film industry and to connect it to the international level.

We need you to became part of this exciting initiative!

Let's tell our story and combine our efforts to foster our local industry and change the image of Palestine.

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