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Filmlab offers several short and extended workshops per year. Workshops include group training sessions as well as individual coaching sessions. Participants engage in theoretical and practical trainings, and produce workshop-related material by the end of each training; e.g., script, film, production plan, etc. 

Previous Workshops 

Training of Film Trainers Workshop

Trainers: Charlotte Giese & Kasper B. Olesen

The training focused on utilizing the smart equipment used by youth (IPhone, IPad, etc.) to produce their own films and tell their own stories, and how to have a dialogue with children and youth about films they’ve watched.

Acting Workshop

Trainer: Palestinian Actor Eyad Hourani 

This workshop aimed for enhancing youth skills in order to create a generation that has his own artistic and cultural tools in order to be able to participate in cinema and TV. 

Director of Photography D.O.P Workshop 

Instructor:  Director of Photography Germano Saracco

The workshop targeted cinematographers who had a good experience, and who wanted to sharpen their skills and deepen their experiences. It included both theoretical and practical knowledge. The workshop was organized in cooperation with A.M Qattan Foundation. 

Producers Workshop 

Trainer: French Producer Marc Baschet 

The workshop aimed at familiarizing the participants with the role of film producer, various stages of production, in addition to explaining what a producer is and the role he/she plays during film production; from writing the script until the film distribution. The workshop also addressed the distribution process, and the relation between the producer and the distributor. This workshop was organized in cooperation with Ramallah Doc. 

Empowering Storytellers Workshop 

This workshop took the style of a film production camp that consisted of 6 directors, and 6 producers from Denmark and Palestine. The purpose of the camp was to create possibilities for Danish and Palestinian filmmakers to develop cooperation and Palestinian stories. This camp was in cooperation with Aarhus Film Workshop. 

Script Writing for Short Fiction Films Workshop

Instructor: Palestinian Script Writer & Director Suha Arraf 

The workshop aimed for introducing the basics of script writing, choosing and developing ideas, in addition to learning how to build and develop the film characters, employing the time and place, and turn all this into a dialogue. One project/ scenario was selected after a pitching session to be produced.