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Sunbird Award

The Sunbird Award was first launched by Filmlab in 2016. The awad is a competition for short narrrative and documentary films that are not more than 3-year-old. The competition is open for young filmmakers from all nationalities who were 35-year-old or younger at the time of production. The topic/story of the nominated films must have taken place in Palestine or about Palestine. 

The name of the award (the Sunbird) refers to the Palestinias Sunbird; a special small bird that is 12cm heaight, 18 kgs weight, and a black beak. This bird forces itself to cope with overcrowded urban concrete buidlings, in addition to the crawling desert, crawl concrete spread spread over vast expanses of green agricultural land. It was forced to live in a different environment that the one it was used to live in; an environment that has green forests.

The Sunbird Award was designed by the Palestinian artist, Khaled Jarrar.