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Call for Palestinian Art & Film Proposals

When is art interruptive? When does it act as an agent of change? Can it make, “the spectator” question or resist structures of power?

We invite Palestinian filmmakers and artistsfrom all over the world, to develop creative projects that challenge the status quo.

Our work is part of a research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council called Creative Interruptions. It aims to explore the ways in which disenfranchised groups use the artsto have their voice heard. You can find more information about our project here:

A part of the project explores Palestinian cinema. It looks at the ways in which Palestinian films resist structures of power. It explores how films contribute to the struggle against colonialism and occupation. This call widens the research. We invite proposals for projects which aim to ‘creatively interrupt' the status quo using any creative practice as long as it is documented through audio-visual media. 

Anyone interested in submitting a project should present the following:

  1. A proposal: introducing your idea. Explain why it isinterruptive and how you will execute it. Explain who you regard ‘the spectator’ to be and how you hope to communicate with them.
  2. An estimated production budget. Your project can vary in scale. To incorporate a diverse range of projects, we expect project budgets will be between £3,000 - £15,000.
  3. A production schedule (maximum duration six months).
  4. Samples of previous work.

Successful submissions need to meet the following conditions:

  1. The core issue of the project should relate to Palestinian reality.
  2. The proposed project should be interruptive and creative. It should aim to challenge a social, political or economic structure/issue.
  3. The artist should have produced at least two artistic/ creative pieces.

Successful applicants must be able to take part in a four-day workshop in Jordan led by the Creative director to develop their project further (week beginning 15 December 2017). They will need to work with the other selected artists/ creative practitioners. All Submissions should be sent to Filmlab: Palestine by 30th of August 2017 at: [email protected]