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Children & Youth Cinema

Considering that social and cultural change strongly and inherently depends on re-building the conscious of both individuals and people as a whole based on human ethics and values; Filmlab: Palestine believes that Cinema culture can remarkably contribute to set the foundation for long-term cultural change. To boost cinema culture within children and youth, Filmlab: Palestine created two compatible programs; 

Film Screenings & dialogue sessions 

Children & youth film screenings provide young people with a rare opportunity to be part of something fun, creative, and sociable. Moreover, films can be considered a powerful educational tool. Therefor, this project, which is a part of our Cinema Culture Program, aims at enhancing children’s opportunities for cultural development and creativity by exposing them to age-appropriate films away from the commercial productions they consume through TV channels. The screenings are followed by a dialogue, where the children & youth express their personal opinions, views, and ideas regarding the screened films. Through the constructive dialogue, they will learn how to respect the positions of others which promotes peaceful resolution of conflicts and differences. 

Filmmaking workshops 

As film can be considered a powerful educational tool that opens up eyes for cultural similarity and diversity; cinema uniqueness attributed to its ability to transcend illiteracy; easily viewed and understandable regardless age or level of education. Cinema could be a powerful/influential means to re-form the public opinion and consequently and accumulatively affect the decision-making process.

Despite of the fact that youth & children - the new younger generations - are worldwide known as the power for change; youth and  children and  in Palestine are very much deprived from opportunities that enable them to invest their inherent energetic capabilities in a creative and peaceful  manner to express themselves, tell their personal stories. As a result of that, Filmlab built and started implementing a filmmaking project that provides the children & youth with a new and unique experience to creatively tell their stories, express their feelings, believes, thoughts, opinions, hopes& despair and expertise where proper modern approaches will be applied in cinema education and filmmaking.

To participate in Children & Youth Cinema program, please fill and submit the form here

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Filmlab: Palestine implements a three-day Training of Film Trainers, in partnership with the Danish Film Institute, and the Danish House. The aim of the training was to better enable Filmlab's staff and aspiring filmmakers to train staff of other Palestinian organizations who wish to strengthen their work with film education for children and youth. You can learn more here