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Filmlab develops and boosts filmmaking capacities by connecting international professional support and providing long-term education  programs to Palestinian filmmakers, in addition to facilitating international co-production opportunities, and knowledge-exchange.

In order to support filmmaking talents, Filmlab provides: 



Capacity Building



Sub Programs

Filmlab undertakes capacity building programs that focus on strengthening the skills of Palestinian filmmakers and equipping them with the essential expertise which enables them to compete efficiently with their international peers, and ensure the growth of filmmaking industry. Through our capacity buidling programs, we focus on desiging trainings and development projects that boosting scroptwriting, storytelling, videography, production, and sound mixing. 
Filmlab offers 2 to 3 residency opportunities per year using developed partnerships with international film production companies. Residency opportunities are designed as internships for Palestinian filmmakers abroad, where filmmakers develop their knowledge and skill on-set while offering their assistance toward production or post-production.
Filmlab offers several short and extended workshops per year. Workshops include group training sessions as well as individual coaching sessions. Participants engage in theoretical and practical training, and produce workshop-related material by the end of each training; e.g., script, film, production plan, etc.